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Canyont is the Visionary and Revolutionary DeFi Stake-earn project which tends to indulge a New Trend in the Crypto Utility Space.


What is Canyont ?

Canyont (CTYN) is a block-chain-powered platform; built on the BSC network, where Crypto-investors come to earn substantial profits through a staking program. It’s simple; the more you stake, the more you earn. Canyont is a multi-utility crypto which will keep on spreading inside the space, creating new trends for digital money - CTYN.

Our Vision

The Game Changer

We aspire to build a Strong Passive Income Source for Canyont tru-Hodlers. It’s possible by Community Support and Canyont’s Innovative Token Circulation Cycles which involves Canyont Exchange, CanyontDEX, Canyont Block-chain and so much more.

We see Canyont as a mode of digital money transfer in the space which will create a trajectory for Crypto Traders and Investors to use CTYN every time they do activity on Crypto Network.


Our Mission

The True Warrior

Our mission is to indulge CTYN Token in every day-to-day life aspects so that it becomes convenient for the Global Community to make their digital money transactions on Crypto Networks seamlessly. We are working on Canyont’s block-chain, once it is successfully developed; it will revolutionize Crypto Space in terms of Lower Gas-fees, Faster Transactions and Highly Secured Decentralized Network.

The CTYN Token

The New Ruler in Finance Space



CTYN will rule the Finance Space certainly it will always be optimistic for its future and tend to act as a hyper-deflationary cryptocurrency.


CTYN will be recognized in every sector of Crypto Utility Space for its unique and price-efficient performance.


Unlike Banks that give you ROI on annual basis, CTYN gives you substantial ROI on monthly basis. Just say ‘No’ to Banks and grab CTYN Tokens.

Our Slogan

If not now, then when?


It simply means Buy and Hodl CTYN tokens for long-term and relax.

Roadmap 2.0

The Adventurous Journey

Canyont Team

The True Leaders

‘’Every member of Canyont Team is dedicated towards Canyont’s Growth and Quality. ’’
‘’We are Optimistic and Self-motivated humans.’’
‘’We respect our Community and Investors.’’
‘’Be a part of our Telegram Group to get assistance. Admins/Mods will try their best to respond each and every Questioner as soon as possible:)’’

Canyont Features

There are "Canyont" features as follows

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